webservers for arduino

Hi, I tried to build my own webserver in order to check some sensors and turn on/off some LEDs but it is no so easy because I need CSS, jQuery, AJAX over SD card.
Are there any servers that I can put in my SD card and easily edit as I need?

I read about tinyserver but I can't find a valid tutorial


I have a SD based webserver sketch in the playground. I edit the SD card with my computer.
It is quite large, so if you have an Uno, there won't be much program memory left.

Yes I'have the Uno R3 so I need somethin smaller. Thanks anyway!!

because I need CSS, jQuery, AJAX over SD card.

No, you don't. You might think you do because you don't know any other way, but you should learn other ways.

The web server you build can't "check some sensors". It can display values that the Arduino got from some sensors. and the Arduino can respond to some form-based submit-button triggered GET requests.

Cascading style sheets may make your page look pretty, but they are by no means essential. jQuery and AJAX are certainly not mandatory.