website for project hosting

I know this is all very vague and I'm sorry... but a while back someone pointed me to a website that you could design a web page that it was "easy" to connect with your arduino. It had dials/gauges and other cool controls that made a rich user interface. It may be that no one knows what that site was but does anyone know of a similar site that would do what I describe?

Google for:
Arduino web interface
Then look at the images to see if you recognize something there.

The below might have some info for you. You can serve a web page that uses input from other servers.

If your just displaying sensor data and not wanting to use a custom web interface then have a look at...
Or use something like a Raspberry Pi with Node-Red, InfluxDB & Chronograf (or Grafana) and keep it all in house.

If it's for in house only you can use an ESP8266 and run the web site on the device itself.