Website Login Problem HELP !

Hello, I an experiencing a really annoying problem.

Whenever I try to log into this website, it says that my password is incorrect, so I always have to press the "forgot password" button on the log in page.

Then log in using the temporary password that get's sent to me, and if I try to change my password to ANYTHING, for example "12345" (I didn't actually put in 12345),

I type it into the "new password" and "confirm new password" EXACTLY the same it says that they do not match :( =(

So i tried to copy - paste from the "new password" field to "confirm new password" field, it worked, but when I log out and then try to log in using the newly set password (typing it in, not pasting it) then it wont work !

Please, someone help me... =( =( =(