Website not remembering my details -problem solved

I have ticked the box remember me, but every time I leave the site and come back after more than an hour I have to re-enter all my log in details again. It only happens on this site! Laptop running windows 8.1, Internet Explorer and Avast Antivirus.. Everything is up to date I should add that I have a totally different User name and password to any other sites I use.

It sounds like a problem with your browser not keeping cookies. I suggest see what happens when you use another browser such as Chrome. If you have no problems with Chrome, then you will know it's not a web site problem, it is a problem with your Internet Explorer.

Found the problem - neither website or IE. My laptop is an Acer Aspire Switch with a touch screen, I had been using it in tablet mode and the screen was not properly seated causing data dropouts. Now using in std mode and seems fine.