website source code?

is there a library that allows the arduino to view a website's source code?


I think that with the ethernet shield all that you get from a webpage is their source code.

yea i thought about it, but i cant have the shield because i only have one phone socket in my room. there must be another solution, right?

Write a proxy program that runs on your computer, waiting for a serial command from arduio, responding with the selected/important information of the source in question.

If you are on a Windows PC, you can use Gobetwino, the brand new generic proxy i made available yesterday:

It will allow you to download any file, and even read a line from the file and return it to Arduino.

BUT usually HTML files are just one long line, this may be a problem.

Gobetwino does a lot of other usefull stuff:

start programs send e-mails read e-mails log data to a file + more

All can be controlled from Arduino

"All can be controlled from Arduino"


in Gobetwino you define commands, these commands can be started from Arduino. Then Gobetwino will do "something" for Arduino and possibly return some data to Arduino. There's no magic, and it of course only works if Arduino is connected to the PC.

oh i got it, its an external program that runs in the background, good idea ;) i could make some little program that reads a website source too, but i was wondering if is there something built-in on the arduino.

@MikMo: great job!