Weighing scale, ESP32, TFTLCD, HX711, Load cell

Hi. I'm really new to arduino.
I want to make a weighing scale for my 3D printer. I made a design on Fusion 360, I bought the hardware, but my knowledge in arduino is 0. Can anyone help me write the code? if you can give an example or write a code for me that would be great as I don't know anything and I can't find anything on the internet that matches my hardware.


  • Adafruit ESP-32
  • Adafruit TFTLCD ILI9325
  • HX711
  • Load cell 5 kg

What I need:

  • continuously refreshing weighing scale
  • info on the display (current weight in gram)
  • touch button to set to 0
  • connected to adafruit io (I can make the dashboard and write the username etc. myself)
  • if possible, it sends a warning when the weight is below 100 g (1 time only until it gets refilled [goes above 100] again... SMS or any other way)

Hi mohal,
welcome to the Arduino-User-Forum.

Well if you want somebody to do all the programming for you you would have to ask in the jobs and payed consultancy sub-forum. Be prepared to pay quite a lot of money for it.

I estimate you don't want to do this.
If your knowedge stays on 0 this would be a very slow progressing project of remote instructed keyboard-typing.

  • Doing a small step
  • test
  • report results
  • doing the next step
    with hundreds of postings.

IMHO this is no option too.

I did a quoogling and found quite a lot project-descriptions that come close to your project
but of course they don't match each detail of your hardware.


If you don't want to invest own effort in learning programming I recommend you go buying a weighing scale - ready to use - off the shelf.

Even the most professional software-developper divides such a project into multiple steps:

  • install ESP32 support to arduino-IDE
  • test the ESP32 if uploading code works in principle
  • wiring up just the HX711 with the loadcell nothing else
  • using a test-code to test if reading in values of the loadcell works in principle
  • connecting the display and nothing else
  • using a testcode to test if displaying data works in principle
  • combining the parts of the code to do both
  • adding a connection to send email or some kind of notification with a service like telegram etc.

If you are willing to learn programming you will get support here.
The complexity of this project is pretty high I estimate nobody will write down the code for this for free.

best regards Stefan

Thank you so much Stefan. I'll follow the steps you wrote and try to make it myself. If anyone would actually write the code for me that would be great. Otherwise I'll just keep following these steps.

Thanks again

the most important thing is to show some own effort. If your own effort is visible you can ask as many questions as you like and I'm sure you will get answers.

So just start and as soon as a question or problem comes up post your code and a description of what you watched and how this deviates from what you expected.

here is a link for the first step

If you have already done this step. It is time to describe the momentary situation of your project

best regards Stefan

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