Weighing Scales for RC Truck


I am new to arduino

I am wanting to create a circuit that is able to multiply and display on an LCD screen the weight result to make it look like the weight of a real truck an trailer.

Is this possible to achieve?



Do you mean that if the RC truck is put on the scales and reads (say) 1.5 kgs you want to display the weight as 15 tonnes?

If so that means multiplying by 10,000 or just multiplying by 10 and writing "tonnes" after the number


Hi Robin2,

Yes that is what I am looking to achieve

If the truck goes on scales weighing 1.5 kg, I want the readout to say 15 tonnes


Yes it is very possible. What kind of scale are you trying to use? Interfacing that with the Arduino will be the most difficult part.

I haven't decided on the specific scales yet, but have seen some with this spec,

4pcs Human Scale Load Cell Weight Weighting Sensor 50KG Half-bridge with Amplifier HX711 AD Module Strain Gauge Bathroom Scale for Arduino