Weird 3x8-segment LED?


I was stealing the power supply from an old PC case today, and I noticed that it had a 3x8-segment (3 digits + 3 decimals) display. I pulled this display out, and I'd like to interface with it if possible.

I'm sure that the miniature PCB that the display is connected to is proprietary, but the pins are marked, so I'm wondering if I can hack something up.

There are 12 pins. They're labeled: V+ V- S T- T+ GS P- P+ KEY H S I (in that order)

There's also an IC marked "HT93LC46" which seems to be this:

Can I interface with this easily? Any idea what those pins mean? Should I just give up? Do I need to remove the display from the PCB and go from there?




that chip is a serial eeprom.. which probably means that data is sent tot he display serially, which means you would have to hack the serial protocol. this is maybe easy, maybe not. The question is whether you think it is worth your time to hack a display you can only use once.

the much quicker solution is to desolder the displays and drive them with a MAX7219, or even directly with the Arduino and a transistor to drive each display. Three displays would take one transistor and 8 resistors per display ( 7 for segment current limit, one for base bias on transistor). All three can be driven in multiplex format with ten Arduino pins: seven for the segments, and one for each display to turn it on.