Weird and Wonderful Clones

I have found an unusual clone i thought you may be interested in

very neat imho !

have you guys found anything that is neat and simple ?

I imagine this might be a problem for them: "Fundamental Logic will no longer be accepting orders as of May 30th, 2010."

"have you guys found anything that is neat and simple ?"

Sort of - I design stuff that is neat & simple, see the end of this thread for a couple of things I was musing about last night ...,75681.msg571291.html#msg571291

I prefer teensy: While not 100% compatible with 168/328 Arduino it does offer more pins and more resources and real USB support in hardware. The ++ version is only a couple of bucks more and offers substantially more resources, flash, pins, ram, etc... The Teensys are much smaller and more breadboard friendly as well.

--- bill

Hi Crossroads,

neat looking boards - are they arduino compatible ? what will the cost be ?

the teensy is pretty neat too !

i guess i have to ask myself why use one instead of a nano

Gadget999, Yes they would be - its really just a duemilanove less the FTDI chip. The 36mmx50mm boards have to be bought in lots of 10 for $10, I could buy 20 or 30 and ship to folks for $2 each like I did with the mini-uino's if there is enough interest. Then up to the user to shop around for parts.

If one doesn't need the PC interface for the final application, why pay for it?

Here’s a similar one I did with a 324/644/1284 & a quad op-amp for packhorse, IO set up for a specific application. He’s buiding up the first ones now.

“I prefer teensy:

Yup, nice board - but again its a case of you break, you’re out of luck!