Weird Large CCFL 256x128 display (PB - PG256128 - D)

Hi, I picked up a couple of these at work in the parts-trash bin as they had small scratches on the casing and it is a display used in some of my companies products. (I love this aspect of my job, all the parts I can pull from scrap!)

I guess like most of the stuff they use, this one is a bit off. However, it is the largest GLCD (12.8cm x 6.8cm viewable) with a bight backlight (CCFL) I have seen and the quality is amazingly high. I would like to use it in my Home Theater setup because of these properties. I already have a flyback converter that can drive the CCFL, might also show a 555 timer circuit capable of the same...anyway....

Here is the datasheet: Free large file hosting. Send big files the easy way!

It is a 4-bit parallel display that uses

Anyone seen another display like this? If so can you point me in the right direction? Which code library would be closest for me to mod to my specifications?

I haven't seen any other 4-wire parallel graphic displays before, and I am willing that a lot of other people have not either.

I just found out that this display can be used with a SED133F chip!

Now its time to hook all of that up!