Weird Project Help - Transceiver/Transponder??

Hey Team,

I am dreaming up a project but am not sure if it is possible/where to start with hardware.

I want to be able to have a base station with an arduino on a stepper motor and I the stepper motor to rotate a platform (with a camera on it) to the direction of some sort of sensor out in the field.

At first I thought having a GPS chip on a board with WIFI out in the field you could send the GPS co-ordinates back to the base station and then point the platform to that GPS location, but there is a lot of confusion around the original orientation of the base station.

I was thinking the theory behind an avalanche transponder safety transponder/transceiver that can track the location of another one so you can locate someone under the snow would work really well but I don’t know if anything like that exists for Arduino projects. Would need to work at 50-100m away.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

You can't put a compass on the base ststion?

Transmitting through the snow may be difficult: the signal will penetrate the snow in weird ways.

Ask on an amateur radio forum. Those guys lovr direction-finding.

I would definitely incorporate a compass on the base station!

The project is a follow me camera on a tripod.. so no need to go through snow, just thought the idea of the avalanche thing was one route go to down!

Doing more research it looks like gps is the best bet... There's lots of follow me drone examples!

GPS on the base station and GPS on the target gives you the direction.

Compass on the platform gives you an absolute direction - otherwise you can also place a microswitch that your platform triggers when it's in a very specific direction, record which direction that is, and you have your compass. It's a stepper so when you know at which step that reference point is, you can calculate any direction based on it. Also unless you miss steps (i.e. your stepper is not strong enough) you always know where you're pointing.