Weird proplem

Hello, I recently bought an Arduino duemilanove. I uploaded a program in it and it worked very well. The program is basic, it turns a LED on when you push a button. The problem is that when I connect the wire to my input 2 (or an other, I tried em all) and I touch the other end of the wire with my finger, it gives a signal to my arduino and the light turns on... That happens if it touches the table, a metal piece, anything... Like if everything was under current. What's the problem with my Arduino? Is it because I used it right on my table? Is it already gone?

The 'problem' you're having isn't a real problem. It's called a floating ping. If you would add a 20K or 10K resistor from input to ground, it will be gone, and you will have a 'normal' input. See for a shematic.

Thanks Man, I'll try it Asap!