Weird results with XBEE on baud rates >9600

Hey there,

I have a really weird problem. I am interfacing 5 arduino's with xbees,, one set in zigbee coord API and the other four in End Mode API, at least, that is the goal. Right now i have one coord and two end points. All is going well on 9600 baud, except for a little delay because I need higher baud rates. But when I switch to a higher baud rate, all the arduino seems to get is zeroes. The xbees send the data well, I checked with the XCTU utility, just the arduino fails to read the packet properly. I use this as test code

int incomingByte; void setup(){ Serial.begin(115200); }

void loop(){ if(Serial.available()>0){;

Serial.print(incomingByte); } }

When I send data over USB, it works fine, and in a very rare occasion after sending over USB and resetting the XBEE a couple of times (but unclear in what order) it receives the XBEE packet correct, but that is far from reliable of course.

Anyone got a clou?

Regards, Albert van Andel