Weird screen flash

On both Safari and Chrome I see a double flash when the forum screen is changed.

Noticeable on the top left side of the page.


This has been so for ~2+ weeks.

Anyone else seen this?

Okay, I captured what is happening.

Looks like two different top lines are displayed one after the other.


Not sure if anyone else has noticed the transition from HTTP to HTTPS on the forum.
Occasionally it slips back to HTTP in some areas of the forum (no idea why)
I can occasionally trigger the TNR font with an excessive cache load or a slow connection stream.

Also there are two copies of the header. One is in Times new roman (fallback) and the other is in what the real font should be.

The change has been ongoing for over two months and I wonder if that's what you are noticing.

There is also a THIRD header that shows as you scroll down a page to reduce the top header size too.
Thats been there for a few months now. >6