Weird xbee setup

Hey guys, I have a pretty interesting undertaking in getting 3 arduinos to talk. This is a bit convoluted, but I’ll just get down to it. We’ll refer to the 3 arduinos as arduino A, B, and C. A is the central arduino which is spitting data out as fast as it can to both arduinos B and C and waiting for random communication from arduino B. Arduino C is just listening (no TX, it’s just a datalogger). I have API implemented on them using Andrew Rapp’s library. The problem is, with Arduino A spitting out data as fast as it can, it never hears arduino B. I have tried to implement flow control (RTS) with no success as it only seems to assist with buffer management, not telling Arduino A when to shut up and listen to arduino B (it’s ok if arduino B misses data from A while B is sending something). As a fix I thought that it would be fine to have 2 xbees on Arduino A, one for RX and one for TX (like some UAV guys use to hack full duplex comm?). Now the problem is getting 2 xbee api objects initiated and using newsoftserial for one of them (2 xbees on pro mini, so only one hardware serial). I could switch to a mega but the same problem remains that I cannot get 2 hardware serial xbee objects. I tried the modified API library posted here:
toward the bottom (xBeeFG), but it doesn’t seem to work properly.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance, guys!