Well Recovery

Hello, I’m a retired electrical engineer, but no Arduino experience. I’m designing a tool to remove junk from a water well. The standard tools for this work are crude mechanical devices that attempt to grab broken pipes and wires with various spring-loaded teeth and corkscrew devices. What I’m looking for is something a lot more versatile and controllable. Arduino will be overkill for controlling a few actuators and servo motors, but why not. I’ll probably have other more complex projects in the future, and this is a good first one.

My problem is time. I need to get this done in a few weeks. I’m looking for someone who I can pay to do the Arduino part for me. I’ve already got a well camera on 1000 ft of RG-6 coaxial cable, and I can build the assembly to go down the well. I can add another cable, if necessary, but it would be nice to send the control signals through the same cable as the camera video. The minimum well-bore is 6 inches, so plenty of room for a battery, no need to send power. Two actuators should be plenty, one to grab the PVC pipes, another to cut the pipes below the grab point (see photo). That will require a lot of force, but not much power.

Where can I find a student or professional to help with this?

I'm looking for someone who I can pay to do the Arduino part for me.

Then you need to ask in the Gigs and Collaborations section of the Forum.


Another unusual project. Interesting stuff, but I don't have any idea how you would share the coaxial cable between the Arduino and the camera. What kind of actuators do you anticipate using?

broken riser & cable loop.png

What kind of actuators do you anticipate using?

i'm thinking of some kind of servos or bi-directional DC motors. There are basically two kinds of motion needed - rotation to a set angle, like closing shears to cut through the pipe, and continuous rotation, like twisting a corkscrew in and out of a wad of cable (see the following photo).

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That's looks like a scene from the movie "The Ring"

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Thanks. I'll give this a try. Here is a photo of a rigid cone I am making from some sections of PVC pipe. This will go on the cable end of the well camera, to avoid snags on the way out. The cable will run through the center, and the assembly will be filled with plastic and sanded smooth.

Cone for Well Camera: