Wemos D1 mini (ESP8266) + BME280 + Waveshare ePaper Display not working together

Hey guys,

I have the following problem and couldn't figure out a solution after a lot of googling and trying around.

First i want to specifiy some things: The display is from waveshare, 1.54" and said to be run with 3.3V. Also the BME280 should run with 3.3V.

Both components work when I use them with the ESP8266, but as soon as I connect both of them at the same time, both do not work properly anymore. The power comes from a microUSB-Port, which is connected to my laptop.

It doesn't matter if I change the VIN of the display to the 5V pin on the microcontroller. The pin setup must also be correct, because on their own both components work.

I am using the following libraries:
BME280 - GitHub - Seeed-Studio/Grove_BME280
Waveshare ePaper display - GitHub - ZinggJM/GxEPD: A simple E-Paper display library with common base class and separate IO class for Arduino.

If you need further information please just say so and I'll post what you need.

Thank you and have a good day!

Hi, we really need you to read the forum guide in the sticky post. Not the earlier stuff for complete beginners, but the later stuff about what to post and how to post it, like points 7, 11 & 15.