Wemos D1 mini + Sabertooth dual 12A + RemoteXY joystick (from mobile phone)

Hello there,

as per subject i would like to connect the 3 devices all together in order to be able to drive the 2x12V motors from the RemoteXY app running on my phone.

I've successfully connected the motor controller with the Wemos, and run couple of sketches; it works perfectly. I've also successfully connected the Wemos to my mobile phone and run the remoteXY app; again i've managed to connect couple of led, and modify the skecth accordingly to make it work the way i want.

Before coming onto this forum i've looked at the various example on the RemoteXY website, but unfortunately none of them uses sabertooth, therefore is quite complicated for me to come up with a bit of code that makes everything work together.

I'd be grateful if anybody can come up with any solution that could help, also, it doesn't necessarily have to be RemoteXY, my only request would be to have some sort of controller running wireless from the phone.

Thanks Guys