Wemos D1 mini supply via 3.3V pin?


Sorry if this question was already answered, but I didn't found an answer? I found only topics about powering Wemos D1 mini via LiFe battery which has max 3.6V and can be used for powering via 3.3V pin. At least some people claimed that it works. Actually I designing a project where I have 3.3V (HLK-PM03) as power supply. Question is if I can provide a power supply to the Wemos D1 mini directly via 3.3V pin without risk or is it better to have 5V power supply and use 5V pin on Wemos D1 mini?


As long as that power is regulated I don't see any issues.
Haven't tried it with the WeMOS board but routinely doing the same with the ESP8266 processors.