Wemos D1 mini vs ESP32 wroom 32 re-connection abilities

Hi there.
I have a couple of Alexa projects I'm working on, and I just realized something that I'm not sure it's by design, intentional, by accident...
The thing is that when I was working with the wemos, I first added a piece of code in the loop that would be constantly checking if it was connected and if not, would launch the connecttowifi function. That is for instance, if I need to reboot the router.
Somehow I realized that was not needed and removed it from the code, so now the function is only called in the setup. It's working perfectly fine and as expected.

When I moved to my next project, I needed a bigger board, so I'm using an ESP32 wroom 32, and I programmed it similarly. However, this one seems to have an issue if the wifi is not working at power up. The way I've noticed it is because every once in a while, the main breaker in my appartment jumps, and when I turn it back on, the board works (because it does some offline functionalities that work normally). If I then shut down that part of the house with a section breaker that doesn't turns off the router (I need to do it like that because the board is in a difficult access spot), then it restarts and the online features work again, which leads me to believe that this board doesn't have a re-connection ability unless you put it in code.

Is it possible that this is the case and that those two boards have this different behaviors when they lose connection? Or am I going crazy?

Thank you

some things to read:


Thank you!! I'll try some if those methods.

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