Wemos D1 Mini with 1.8 Inch ST7735

Hi all,

I recently bought the 1.8 ST7735 screen below from here:

I am trying to connect it to a Wemos D1 Mini but after 4 days of trial and error I simply can't make the two talk to each other. I have found the schematic below but, being new at this, I can't figure out what connections I should make.

I tried with the Adafruit GFX and ST7735 libraries but to no result.

If someone has ever used this combo before, would you please post your wiring pairs and libraries used to make it work?

5V >
RS >
CS >

I am only interested in the Screen function, the microSD won't be used at all.

Thanks in advance

These are the pins I have used with a similar ESP8266 board:

// Display SDO/MISO to NodeMCU pin D6 (or leave disconnected if not reading TFT)
// Display LED to NodeMCU pin VIN (or 5V, see below)
// Display SCK to NodeMCU pin D5
// Display SDI/MOSI to NodeMCU pin D7
// Display DC (RS/AO)to NodeMCU pin D3
// Display RESET to NodeMCU pin D4 (or RST, see below)
// Display CS to NodeMCU pin D8 (or GND, see below)
// Display GND to NodeMCU pin GND (0V)
// Display VCC to NodeMCU 5V or 3.3V

This is the set used by the library here.

If you try that library then you will need to edit the User_Setup_Select.h file to select the right driver setup file and then define the right tab colour (try each one) in the Setup2_ST7735.h file.

These displays have variants that must be tried, originally this was based on the colour of the Tab on the screen protection film but this is not longer a reliable guide so it is best to try each configuration tab type.

@bodmer thanks for the reply.

I tried all tab colours in the User_Setup.h file and tried Display RESET to pin D4 or RST but nothing worked.
I would think the screen is a dud, probably dead on arrival.

Thank you very much for your help.