Wemos D1 Mini + WS2812b ledstrip - blows out after a day

I am working on a project where a Wemos D1 Mini (ESP8266 breakout) controls an WS2812b (Adafruit) digital led strip. This works fine, but I found that the Wemos gets a little bit hot, and stops working after a few days.

The wires are connected 5V - 5V, GND - GND, D4 -> Din, so without any external components. It is powered by a 2.2A 5V USB adapter.

My electronics knowledge is limited, but I would have thought that the 5V bypassed any other components (such as voltage regulators) entirely. However, this seems not to be the case, hence the high temperature.

Could this be fixed easily, by adding some components?

Thank you in advance!

There seems to be a Schottky diode in the 5V path, B5819. The datasheet states a maximal forward current of 1A. At 2A, it is also questionable if the traces are made for that. I would not send that over any of these modules.

If you want to save the ESP (they always get pretty warm, e.g. you cannot place a temperature sensor next to them and expect accurate readings, so they might still be fine), check the diode. It should be the tiny black thing with two contacts right next to the USB connector. You can exchange it or bridge it. If you bridge it, make sure to never power the device from another channel and connect USB at the same time. If you have to do that, cut the VCC wire in the USB cable.

Thank you @ElCaron! I have bypassed the diode, let's see how long it survives :-)

As I said, the traces may not not be big enough for that. Good luck.

How long did it last? Almost made the same mistake with same setup but I plan on soldering LED VCC directly to the USB cable.