WEMOS D1 other pins outputting power when they are not supposed to

I have been working on a wifi rc car utilizing a Wemos D1 board just like this one

I used a sketch from randomnerdtutorials.com to build from and have successfully built a web interface that works awesome. Unfortunately when I select turn left the vehicle also begins to drive, and when I engage reverse the vehicle also turns left. At first I believed this to be a mis-type somewhere in my code, but was unable to find such a mis-type. After this I then uploaded a basic sketch that would simulate the pins activated without all the web interface and such. This code yielded the same results of other pins than the ones activated outputting power (writing HIGH) without being told to by the sketch. It seems that some wierd link between either (D14 or D15) and (D6 or D7) occurs. This does seem to coincide with having both D12 and D3 using PWM, but I have not been able to fully verify that. I am at a loss here and would appreciate any help. Attached both the actual sketch and the sketch I tested with after. I also attached a picture of the board in case Ebay link does not work.
Also, if you decied to test the web interface yourself it all line up perfectly on firefox, but does not on other browsers. IDK why, but I use firefox so that was not a problem in my case.

Sketch I based mine off of

botsketch.txt (18.1 KB)

testsketch.txt (998 Bytes)

Well Yall I figured it out!!! Hopefully this will help other people utilizing a wemos board. Basically some of the pins are linked in some way, and whe these pins are activated they can actuvate other pins. In the picture of the board that I posted it can be noted that the pins have multiple labels , I found that if pins labeled SDA or SCL were used for one output then other pins with the same label would output as well. After much testing I was able to reconfigure the pins to remove any interference with functionality. The project now works!!! hope this helps anyone having a similar issue. If you have a question about what pins I am now using that do not interfere then I will be happy to help.

Did you manage to remove the link between them?
If so, how did you do it?

I need to use all the 15 Dn pins, but I can't do that with the links.

I need to use all the 15 Dn pins, but I can't do that with the links.

Bad news. There aren't 15 Dn pins. There are only 9. 11 if you include Tx & Rx, which you shouldn't because they are used for USB communications (sketch upload, serial monitor etc).

The reason there appear to be more is that some of the 9/11 pins on the ESP module are connected to multiple pins on the D1 board in an attempt to make it compatible with more shields designed for Uno. But not a very successful attempt.

The Wemos D1 was not a big success because of the above limitations. The Wemos D1 Mini was far more successful and there are a large number of shields available for that. These shields are custom designed for the Mini and have fewer pins, so sharing ESP pins between board pins is not necessary.

What is your project? There are ways to increase the number of digital pins on the Wemos, whether D1 or Mini. For example by using a MCP23017 chip.