WeMos D1

Hello… I’m new to Arduino and love it so far. I just bought a WeMos D1 (Arduino WiFi) and I am a little confused with what I will call the interface pins… Can anyone explain why there are two D5 And two D6 terminals ? And how to go about addressing them in a SKETCH.

Thanks a whole lot !

The WeMos D1 is made in the standard Uno, etc. form factor but the ESP8266 doesn't have enough pins to connect to all the headers so there's no reason not to connect some of the ESP8266 pins to multiple points on the headers. D5 and D6 are SPI pins, which are normally located at the 12 and 13 locations on the Uno. It's fairly common for shields to connect using the SPI pins so putting them there offers the best compatibility. However, it also makes sense to put those pins at the 5 and 6 locations, otherwise there would be a gap of unconnected pins on the D1.

Interesting. Hadn't noticed that before.

Well, pert, thank you so much... After verification, you do get the same levels to both pin locations... Once again THANK YOU !