WeMos Mini D1 - very unstable and resets


I have a very easy sketch on my WeMos Mini D1:

  1. Connect to WLAN
  2. Every ten minutes read an analog Value and send a POST command to a webserver

In the POST-Command I send the millis() as well, so I always see in my SQL database how long the WeMos is online when it POSTs its data. Usually it works for 5000 sec, sometimes 1000, sometimes 10000 - then it restarts without any external influence.

Does anyone know this behaviour or knows a reason ?

BR Gawan

Does it do the same when loaded with a simple program like blink?


What about connections? Is this wired down with soldered connections, or is it on a breadboard? And what is your power supply? I’ve used old wall warts many times for power, and some of them are very good, some are flaky.


if I execute a simple problem like "blink", I can not trace if it restarts or not ! I can do this only because I log activities on the webserver.

The sensor is wired directly with 3 wires to the WeMos, but not soldered.

Power supply is not relevant, it does its restarts on USB and on this supply: http://de.aliexpress.com/item/AC-DC-5V-700mA-3-5W-Power-Supply-Buck-Converter-Step-Down-Module-for-Arduino/32395148959.html

Run blink but add an output to serial terminal. Have setup() output a msg "starting program".

If you see the message more than once, it has restarted.