Wemos reboots when USB is plugged in

Not sure if this is the corret place to post this question ...

I have a Wemos D1, powered by 5V to VIN(using a DC-DC Buck Module_LM2596 Module_3A Adjustable Voltage Regulator Module to convert 12V to 5).
It's working fine ...

....however everytime I plug in my usb cable into the Wemos - it reboots .. is this normal ?

I'd like to be able to plug in the USB cable occasionally so that I can watch the some debug messages I have setup to be sent to the serial port ..., But I dont want it to reboot evetytime I plug in ?

I have a second Wemos D1 with the same setup .. and it acts the same ..

Is there anyway I can stop the reboot when I plug in the USB cable ?


The reboot is quite normal for almost all boards.
Connecting USB should reset the COM port to open it for communication.
An exception for that would be if the USB cable was POWER ONLY and not power AND data.

There are a few work-arounds to get over that for some boards but I am not sure about the wemos.