Western Digital WD600 Help

I have a WD600 60-GB HDD, and when I connect the 12V and 5V, I can get the platters to turn for about 90 seconds, then it shuts down. I know that some HDD's controller boards look for input from the PC, and if it does not receive any it shuts down, but supposedly it is possible to "fool" the HDD's controller board into thinking it is connected to a PC. Has anyone hacked one of these HDDs to try this?

I want to make a POV HDD clock-thing.

Thanks in advance.

Not sure how much research you have done on this. But have you looked at the sites that show you how to make one of these HDD clocks?

This looks like i good walk threw of the build. You'll just need to adapt it to run on the Arduino rather then a PIC18F252. http://www.ian.org/HD-Clock/

Yes, in fact it was this guy's version that made me want to do it.

I have looked at several sites, and they all say that if the Hard drive shuts down automatically, then the HDD controller board needs to be hacked, but I have not found one yet that describes how to hack it.

I think the idea is to fool the controller board into thinking it's connected to a computer, so I think adding a pulse train to a point on the controller board might do it, but I can't find a datasheet on the controller board or the hard drive. I guess I'll try to find a datasheet on the ICs on the controller board... :-/