Western Oregon Hackers

Just throwing up a flag for anyone in the following areas:

Portland McMinnville Lafayette

We have some hardware and software hackers toying around. Most are full time employees doing software right now and applying those skills to hardware. We are considering hosting a monthly or bi-weekly build meeting in our garage for folks to come, meet, swap ideas, etc.

Let me know if you're interested. Leave a comment here, and call or text 503 383 1047 for more info. This is a Google Voice forward number and my identity is not a secret so I'm no concerned about that.

Thanks, Kristopher "Sir Xris" Ives

We are out in the Dallas area, but would travel for some new ideas. Let me know if ya get something off the ground.


Hey guys-

I'd be interested in any local-ish meetings (I'm in the Salem area) and would travel as well.

Not sure if you guys are aware of the dorkbot guys in Portland or not (http://dorkbotpdx.org/) but they have meetings twice a month. Pretty good group but perhaps a bit of a drive for the guys in Dallas. I try and make every other meeting myself.

Brad (KF7FER)