We've figured it out. Problem solved!!


We've figured it out, so you do need to see this.

Generally: digitalPin = 2; // can go up to 19 for Uno's - 0/1 are the Rx/Tx pins for downloading, leave free if able

pinMode (digitalPin, OUTPUT); digitalWrite (digitalPin, HIGH);

will sit high until commanded Low; digitalWrite (digitalPin, LOW);

Lemme tell you what I'm doing.

I'm controlling a RGB led with 3 push buttons. The problem is, I need to reverse the power from Ground to 5V. I just don't know how to do it.. My led is backwards you could say...

The problem is, I need to reverse the power from Ground to 5V.

No you don't you need to wire it up the other way round. Wire the common anode to +5v then from each cathode lead of the LED connect it first to a resistor then the arduino output. That's 3 outputs. The writing LOW to the pin turns on the LED and writing HIGH turns it off.

Are your LEDs wired in one of these ways? The upper LEDs will turn on when the output is low

The lower LEDs will turn on when the outoput is high

The pins can PWM outputs also, will still turn as described above.

There's only one led and none of this makes sence. + goes to +, - goes to -.. :-? For leds

and none of this makes sence


Here's a picture. My camera stinks, ever though it's 7.1 MP...

I see a red cross. Way fewer than 7MPix

It says 7.1 Right on it.. It lied

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Your pic has this for properties
maybe all the /'s are supposed to be something else?

If you have an RGB LED as you say, then it should look like one of these, and will turn as we indicated.
Can you post a link to the LED that you bought?

I have the top one, but flip blue and green and it will match. 3 is negative and the rest are positive.

Connect it up like I showed for pins D2, D3, D4 above. High output will turn the LEDs on. Use a 270, 300, 330 ohm resister, something in that range, for each of the color legs.

It does not fade, and the only colors it has are red, green, and blue.

Sorry, but I don’t get what your drawning means.

How were you able to wire up the arduino/shield/LED/buttons/resisters in your picture? You must have been following some kind of schematic/layout.

Seperately from that, Post the sketch you want to run.

I'm not following anything. I just made a diagram to help you with this. It's basically this:

The yellow should be black. Whoops..

Refresh, or it's just you. Here's the link: http://www.vexforum.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=4873