WH1602L1 LCD compatible with Arduino Core?


This is my first post, so a few words about me. My name is Tihomir. I am a CS student from Bulgaria, going to graduate in a couple of months. Recently I got bitten by the Electronics bug and decided to include some sort of IoT app in my thesis. Armed with my knowledge of my Electronics Fundamentals uni. course, I took on this quest.

Some of the major things that I bought are Adafruit ESP32 Feather and WH1602L1-TMI-CT, a LCD 1602 display. I found out that trying to connect it to my ESP will take most of my pins (which I need for sensors), so I am almost at the point where I will order something like YWRobot LCM1602 IIC to solder at the back of the LCD (will use just 4 of my pinouts).

I have read the documentation and to my understanding, the LCD is compatible with the ESP32, and the Hitachi HD44780 driver, used for Arduino projects. And the LCD is compatible with the 1602 IIC add-on board.

Of course, I may have made mistakes in the way I read and interpreted the information with my limited theoretical knowledge. Could anyone please help me confirm that everything is as I understood it?

Thanks in advance. I am posting links below.

Links: ESP32 documentation link LCD documentation link: LCM1602 IIC