wha's communicating language between iOS and Arduino

Hi everybody,

I am iOS developer with electronics(AVR microcontroller coding) background and I'm trying to learn how to communicate with arduino kits from iOS.

I'm new in Arduino and I want to know what is the common things between ios and Arduino in terms of getting command from iOS and do the command on Arduino kit.

I want to know only how they communicate. if you have any iOS sample code for this, also can help me a lot.

Thank you guys in advance

It depends on the method. I can make a phone communicate to a arduino in many ways,like BT, WiFi, SMS,etc. -Malhar

which one is better for long distance (1 -2 Kilo meters) and also i wanna know the basic structure of how arduino works with iOS (bluetooth or Wifi)

Thanks for your reply

which one is better for long distance (1 -2 Kilo meters)

Define what "better" means to you.

That is a long distance considering that Bluetooth is intended for 10 metres or so.

WiFi and SMS can work over huge distances because they feed the data through a separate network. If both devices are withing range of a WiFi or SMS signal they could be in different continents.

However with that distance goes the risk that there may be a significant propagation delay.

If you explain the project you would like to implement you will probably get more useful advice.

And your title is confusing or misguided. Communication normally involves sending text from one device to the other. It could be in English, French or German. The other use of the concept of "language" in computers is "programming language" such as Python, Java or C. You do not "send" any of those languages but any of them can be used to generate the text to be sent and any of them can be used to interpret text that is received. There is no need to use the same programming language at both ends. The Arduinos are programmed with C/C++ and you have no choice about that.