What about a new Section for the ESP8266?

There is an increasing number of Threads from people who are using the Arduino IDE to program ESP8266 devices directly - ie without them being connected to a regular Arduino board - for example.

Because they are very different from the regular Arduino boards I think it would be usful to have a special section (in the same way that there is a Yun section) where expertise could accumulate.

I know I usually argue for fewer Forum sections - but I think this is a justifiable exception.


Good idea!

I support this idea :wink:

Here is another Thread that would benefit from a special ESP8266 Thread.

Who needs to take action for a new section to be created?

If it can't be done before the end of this year (2015 !) has anyone any suggestions for a useful work-around.
I like the suggestion (in the thread I just linked) to get OPs to add "[ESP8266]" to their title.


There is a forum for the ESP8266


Which have subforum for using the Arduino Ide


Thanks for that @Erni

That raises the option of NOT dealing with ESP8266 programming questions in this Forum and just referring queries to that Forum. (Like we would do with RPi queries, for example).

What do people think of that as a Forum policy ?


I think it would be most logical to refer to special forums such as RPI, Stm32, TI Tiva, Esp8266 and so on.
Otherwise, we spread the expertise

If Arduino has an ESP8266 board, then start a sub forum. Otherwise refer to external forum.


I am resurrecting this Thread because I see an increasing number of questions from people using ESP8266 devices with the Arduino IDE.

I think there is an even stronger argument now for creating a special section for them.

It has become common-place to use the Arduino IDE to program ESP8266 devices and I think they should be welcomed and supported by the Forum.


I think they should be welcomed and supported by the Forum.

Or in a separate section that we can ignore.

A bunch of the .org boards and other hardware were recently added to the arduino.cc products page. They haven't added the .org Uno WiFi with the onboard ESP8266 but I think it will be added soon.

The .org Arduino Primo also has an onboard ESP8266 but I think the software support for that board is still in the works so maybe there will be some delay on that one.

I see a lot of people getting help here with their ESP8266 related questions, whether used as a module with a standard Arduino board or programmed directly. I've spent quite a bit of time browsing the esp8266.com forum and I think this forum does a much better job of helping the average Arduino user with these questions. It can be a bit frustrating trying to help beginners struggling with this somewhat more advanced subject but that issue isn't specific to ESP8266.

Or maybe just an "Other Boards" section ?
Its not just ESP's that seem to be in the mix although I do see them becoming more common.
There are a few other non official or even clone boards issues coming through the forums too.