What Arduino board suits our project best?

Hi Arduino-Team and Community,

I had a look into all Arduino boards and I'm not sure, what board suits our needs. We are planning a re-entry probe that will be ejected from a REXUS sounding rocket www.rexusbexus.net and we have several sensors.

We have a recession-rate sensor giving out several lines of voltages and amperes for resistance and capacity measurement. Then we want to use a 9axis sensor for acceleration, rotation and magnetic-field (perhaps usb) and we have at least 5 lines of pressure sensors currently voltage ouputs of microphones. And one line to a static pressure sensor. We want to store the digitalised data on 2 separate sd-cards, we have to have an output line to a proposed camera for starting and stopping records, and at least one further analogue/digital line to connect to the REXUS board system.

This is just the basic concept, but as you can see we have quite some things to connect.

Could someone give me a recommendation for boards, who you think can do that?

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1) - http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Hardware

2) It depends on what communication is needed for those sensors.

3) You need to specify - how much digital input lines - how much analog input lines (arduino has typically 10 bits ADC) - how much PWM output lines you need

or better a list of devices you want to connect - 1x 9 axis sensor - typenr/URL datasheet - I2C bus (example) - 6x pressure sensor - microphone - 6 analog lines - 1x static pressure senssor = XYZ - I2C bus - 1x RTC = DS1307 = I2C BUS - 2x SDCARD - - SPI bus - 1 x Camera - - 1 output line

If I look at the list I would consider to have two or maybe even three 328's working together.

What are the conditions to make a photo/start recording?

Hi robtillaart,

thank you for your reply.

I had a look to the hardware site and that's why I ask here. Some friend of mine use Arduino mega because they need some autpolitofeatures, we don't need. SO he said it would be too much for us. So that's why I'm here.

your connection listing is okay, besides one of the pressure sensor lines, because 5 are the accoustic ones and one line for a manometer. and the camera line is just to start and stop it, because all data will stay in the camera system, so no data line to Arduino.

Do you mean http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardUno because you mentioned three "328's"?