What Arduino Product is right for this wireless project?


This is my first post and first Arduino project so I'll get right to it. Essentially I would like to know what Arduino product would allow me to complete the following project:

I would like to send a radio frequency signal from a device 10 meters away to a servo that opens 90 degrees then closes to 0 degrees. There will only be two angles that the servo is require to open and close and so I would imagine 2 different RF signals would have to be sent to trigger each. Is there an Arduino product that can receive the signal from the wireless device and then talk to the servo with Pulse Width Modulation? I would like to run a 3V or a 6V servo and am trying to keep the power requirements extremely low.

Would there need to be an Arduino product on both the transmitting and receiving side of this project or would it be one or the other? I'm a newbie, and your help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

3.3V/8MHz Promini on both ends, 433 MHz Tx and Rx module. VirtualWire library to send the 0, 90 degree message. Run from 3V battery if you have a 3V servo. Rf range may be limited at lower voltages. Use 17cm antenna wire.

Crossroads, thanks for you quick and informative reply. Can you expand on what the various components would do in the system you proposed? For example what does the Virtualwire do? Is Virtualwire, RX and TX modules a hardware component or software? With regards to the antenna length, does it need to be linear or can I coil it up and achieve the same capabilities? And my last question is why you recommend the Arduino Promini? Is it because it draws the least amount a power but still has the ability to link this system?

Apologies in advance if these questions are amateurish but your expertise is much appreciated.

Virtualwire (library) is software that sends out the data and interprets the data coming to find your bytes. Read the PDF I linked to, to understand what it does better.
The Rx & Tx modules are softwarehardware.
Promini you understood well.
Antenna, I don't know, try it both ways. I just used a piece of 30 guage wirewrap wire laying loose in my enclosure.
You can see a promini and 433 MHz transmitter here:

The receiver is on the top middle board, its the small verticalcard at the lower right corner.
You can see the promini in each enclosure.

The Rx & Tx modules are software.

You meant hardware of course. Example: http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/433Mhz-RF-link-kit-p-127.html?cPath=19

If you go with a pro mini you'll need to buy a programmer (e.g. "USBasp") for it. A pro micro would be programmable with just a USB cable from your computer. The price for generic modules is about the same for either.

The promini will have better battery life tho once embedded, as you are not powering a USB/Serial chip that is not doing anything.

Not to confuse you, but I like JeeNodes for wireless. Arduino & wireless all in one small package.
Very easy to use and come with lots of examples and a library.


That's great information everyone. Thank you and I've ordered the parts. I may be hearing more from me when I receive them and start to set it up.


I may be hearing more from me when I receive them and start to set it up.

You could let us know also 8)