What arduino to choose?

I have look at your arduino boards for my project but i'am not sure wich one to choose.
let me describe it it in a few lines..
i would like an all-in-one controller with bluetooth and usb to do what ?
the controller would be plugged into the usb of a windows desktop pc and recognized as a hid root device .
the purpose is to program macros (a mix of mouse moves an clicks and keystrokes) and to launch them remotely with bluetooth from my
smartphones using MIT app inventor(https://appinventor.mit.edu/).
maybe the arduino nano 33 ble ? or the nano rp 2040 ? another one ?
i need arduino to support mouse an keyboard library or usb hid .
thanks in advance

Take a look at a ESP32, they are very cost effective and have a lot of memory to work with. The RF etc is built in but check the spec there are several variations. Check the available libraries as well. When you decide buy at least two of them.

I would stay away from nano connect rp2040, really shameful support by Arduino

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