What are some good electronics classes to take?

I’m an engineering student (Biomedical) and I’ll be getting an emphasis in electricity. Currently, I’m going to take Introduction to Digital System Design, Introduction to Microcontrollers, Analog and Digital Electronics, Microprocessor and Microcontroller System Design, Advanced Bioelectricity, linear systems and circuits, signals and systems, and a robotics class. I am getting a math minor as well, are there any math classes that would really help me understand this stuff? I am looking into some advanced linear algebra classes. Math minor is not necessary, I could scrap it for LOTS of EE classes.

Are there any classes you guys feel really help you with the Arduino? As I’m trying to get into some more advanced circuits, there are just so many things that I have no idea about.

Functions of a complex variable is important to any sort of AC analog work.