What are some good ways to learn a second language?

What are some good ways to learn a second language?

I see "Rosetta Stone" advertized on TV a lot.

For computers, you can take a class so you have a chance to use the development environment, or download some of the free stuff for the language you want and start playing with it, or find an online group of enthusiasts and look at programs and pick up on how things are done.

spoken languages: - read familiar books - I read the first book of Harry Potter in German days before I had a meeting in Germany - revived a lot of sleeping braincells :) On http://www.gutenberg.org/ there is a lot of reading in different languages - listen to foreign radio stations or look at TV with subtitling (either native or second)

Programming languages: - just start coding, keep it simple the first weeks, read and review by hand code of others.

So in short, dont think -> act ! ;)

total immersion is the way to go go somewhere they won;t use your native language only the one your'e trying to learn

alternatively - take your dictionary to bed with you! ]:D

in order to speak a language you must spend a lot of time and try to listen and read every day .. and the most important thing is to find a very effective method. try to repeate the information every day ..try to practice every thing you already studied even if it is so simple..thank you http://www.lalinguaarabapertutti.com/index-E.htm

Just learn English, then there'll never be any need to learn another language - you just need to speak a bit louder when you meet someone who claims not to speak it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But even English is not one language, it varies from the Irish to Australian to Pidgin English and several versions in India, and the other commonwealth countries.

That said, English complemented with the help of hand , feet and a whiteboard almost never let me down (I recall one "close encounter" at a gasstation in the middle of France)

I am English. I speak English. All others are but pale imitations.

All others are but pale imitations.

:) :) :)

petercoco: i think you should start from playing game that use English menu , read English books and listen English song. this is preparation pro your English skills.

Good example of "Do as I say, not as I do."