What are the 0xf3 type of commands in arduino programs

I've recently built an LED matrix that scrolls text and was looking to implement animations next. Upon looking up how to do this i found example codes with lines of code resembling 0x0, 0x8, 0x4f and so forth. What is that type of code and how would i implement it into an LED matrix code?

Hi cabyambo

"0x" is a prefix to show that the number that follows is in hexadecimal notation - base 16.

0x4f or 0x4F is 79 in decimal.

0x0 and 0x8 are 0 and 8 respectively.



0x simpily tells the compiler that the number following is a in hexadecimal format (base 16). for example 255 decimal is 0xff hex. You can also use 0b for binary (0xff is 0b11111111).

Thanks so much Ray and Marco!