What are the benefits of Crowtail Modules for beginners?

Hi there, Elecrow has brought a new series of modules called Crowtail products recently. Most friends may want to know about the features of this new products and what are the benefits of them. Hre is the detailed information about it in:

http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=324675.0 http://www.elecrow.com/crowtail-c-611.html

Besides, after your reading, I would like to know about your views on the Crowtail modules, or you can tell me what's your requirement in this modules producing so that we can make some changes for better developments. Thank you!

"so that we can make some changes for better developments. Thank you! "

Sounds like advertising.


Is this a programming question ?

How much will beginners benefit from trying to find cables for those connectors? I don't see them included with the modules and I don't see them for sale on-site.

I don't see them spec'd anywhere but that just fits with the lack of specs in general.

When will sites like yours give full and proper information to actually USE what you sell, most ESPECIALLY to beginners? Don't change your boards unless it's to replace those connectors with standard 0.1" spaced header pins or headers. What you need to change first and most is your web site to include technical details and support (diagrams, code examples, go look at AdaFruit and Sparkfun to see what actual useful support Looks Like) needed to USE the product.

I have an MP3 module that has those in the 2mm pin spacing size and it just sits until I come across a source with 2, 3, 4 and 5 wire ribbons with the matching connectors. It's that or cut away the damned plastic and solder to the pins which I'm hoping to not have to do.

From now on when I see a beginner asking how to hook something up they got from a site that offers little to no information, my first advice will to not buy anything from that vendor that needs any kind of instructions, so resistors and leds okay but not the mystery modules.

Does that help 'Alex'?

weedpharma: Sounds like advertising.

The schematics and board layouts are available so, even if it is, they are embracing the Open Source ideal. Which certainly makes them welcome 'round these parts.

Are these compatible with other similar "small peripheral" boards (Grove, Tinkerit, etc?) (The advantage for users is that a 1 sq inch board with a single peripheral or sensor on it is a lot cheaper than a full shield-sized board.)

As I said on the other thread, these look like TinkerKit, but a lot cheaper. For example, a LED is $5.18 from Tinker, but the Crowtail LED is $1.48