what are the materials that i need for a 8x8x8 led cube?

i will first experiment with a 3x3x3 led cube, i currently have an arduino uno r3 board, and i know that in order to make a led cube, i know that i will need to have some kills on soldering and c. but what are the specific materials to build one and how is the cube going to work?


Or you can just buy a kit.. LED Cube 3x3x3 - KIT-09867 - SparkFun Electronics

There are lots of designes. Pick one first.
In general you need LEDs and some form of current driver, for source or sink. As you get more LEDs in you will probbly use both.
Don't forget to include resistors, don't pick a design without them.

On Ebay theres a whole kit, Processor, PCB's, LED's A fixture to hold the LED's while soldering and a very complete set of instructions with great pictures too. The Fixture is for making 4 X 4 pieces and for soldering the pieces together to make a tier of 8X8 LED's... ETC, Etc, etc it uses rectangular blue LED's and the thing really looks nice. The Price is $99.00... FYI