What are your favourite Star Wars Day projects?

I’m thinking of putting together a post for the Arduino blog, with the top Arduino-based Star Wars projects for next Tuesday (Star Wars Day).

Do you guys have any favourite Star Wars themed projects that could be included? Either ones you’ve made yourself, or just ones that you’ve seen on your digital travels.

Please share them here, and I’ll look at building a list of the best!

The only ones that come to mind are the light sabers which come up in the forum a lot.

Maybe a Boba Fett helmet with lights, but I might have that mixed up with a different helmet.

Some Star Trek Enterprise lighting projects too, but that’s the wrong franchise.

I could be tempted to base the whole thing around lightsabers, yeah! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: There are so many awesome lightsaber projects out there!

But I’ll try to add a mix in - the Boba Fett helmet sounds like a great option.

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