What axes can MPU6050 gyro identify

This is a pretty straightforward question as the title suggests...

So I recently got this sensor to use on my quadcopter build. I just want to know what directions it can identify so that I can make conditionals in the code so the the quadcopter doesn't flip or whatever.

Can it identify tilt?

I do know that it cannot identify altitude or velocity. The way I understand it, it knows if it is going up down left right forward backward.

Thx in advance


The gyro measures rate of rotation along 3 axes, X, Y and Z, which are defined by the orientation of the sensor package.

If I was to connect the sensor to my quad, can I call back the sensor readings into variables in the main code? Like

if(zVal > 5){

So my current understanding of the sensor is correct?

Sorry, but it appears that you have no clue what the sensor is doing.

Here is a tutorial, and a place to start reading about what these sensors are for.

Thanks. I'll take the time to read it