What batteries for 4x5V motors 1.2A?


I'm looking for rechargeable batteries for 4x 5V motors of nominal current draw 1.2A and peak current up to 3A to power my robot.
I'm wondering about 2x3.7V Li-Ion 2000mAh or 5x1.2V NiHM batteries.
What is you opinion?

NiMH batteries withstand much more abuse that Li-based batteries, and are less picky about how they are charged.

Thanks for the reply. I have this simple linear charger http://www.ebay.com/itm/1pc-5V-Micro-USB-1A-Lithium-Battery-Charging-Board-Linear-Charger-Module-TP4056-/141660742547?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item20fba36393 , do I guees right NiMH can't be charged by it even it they are "lees picky"?

You should always use a charger intended for the battery type and capacity that you choose.

Lithium will be capable of a lot more current though. Try to find manufacturers’ datasheets for
rechargable NiMH’s if you can, they are not as high current as NiCd, in general, so be warned - you
need 6+A for your motors if you don’t want the battery voltage to dip.