What board for GRPS/GSM and a RS-232 port

Hello dear Arduinocommunity,

I am looking for an Arduino board that can fulfill the following requirements:

  • A RS232 port which the microcontroller can communicate with another RS232 port from an AVR Microcontroller
  • A GPRS/GSM module
  • Easily programmable with C, C++, C#, by all means a high-level-programming language.
  • A development board, or different parts that a newbie as I am can tie together to a working Microcontroller board
  • If you can, price below €100,- total.

The board must do the following things: - Communicate with another AVR controller throught a RS232 port to the RS232 port of the AVR - Send some bytes every 10 minutes to a IP:PORT [u]or[/u] throught a GET or POST (I know GET or POST is not likely possible with Arduino, but it's just to hear whats possible. - Easily to maintain, C programming language or another highlevel programming language

Many thanks for your advice!

Now do I see this Arduino, the Uno: http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardUno

I think that I can equip the Uno with a GPRS module? Can I interface another RS232 port of another controller with the Uno?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: If I mention about RS232, I mean: serial port of another controller. :blush:

After more and more reading here, I should go with the Arduino Uno with a GPRS modem equipped. Furthermore a http://www.sparkfun.com/products/133 as a RS232 / TTL level converter.

Someone here was nice enough to point me to this when i also needed RS232: