What Board it is MKR1000 or ESP8266?

I have a sketch that should run on a MKR1000 or and ESP8266 . How can I distinguish wich bord is running?
I looked #define in boards.h and cpunames.h but I couldn't find definitions for that boards
Help with this will be appreciated.

esp8266 Arduino has defined ESP8266.

Thanks juraj. Do you know if thre is one for MKR1000?

There is a macro specifically for the MKR 1000 board: ARDUINO_SAMD_MKR1000.

There is also one for the samd architecture used by the "Arduino SAMD Boards" platform of the MKR1000: ARDUINO_ARCH_SAMD, which will be defined if you are compiling for any board of that architecture.

There are some additional macros that were defined at a lower level by the toolchain. I don't remember their exact names, but I can likely dig it up if you need it.

Thank you very much for the info


and boards for WiFiNINA have some extra defines too

Thanks your help was fantastic!!