What board should I use

Dear All,

I searched the forums for a solution but didn't find one (or my search was not enough).

I have a case where I need to ring a "physical" bell from the PC. i.e. the physical bell is located on the wall, and I need some kind of board/relay/... that allows me to send command to the bell to ring.

Is there an appropriate board that does this? P.S: I need to ring the bell programmatically using .net.

Any help/guidance is really appreciated.

Best Regards, Kamel Balquis

You don’t say how your PC will be connected to the Arduino. Will you have a wired USB connection, or Bluetooth, perhaps.

Also, how is the bell to be operated? Is it an electro-mechanical bell or is it an electronic simulation? Can you post a link to its datasheet?

It is likely that almost any of the Arduino boards would do the job - an Uno is the obvious choice for a beginner. Some of the small boards that take up less space might also be considered. If you are a beginner I suggest you choose a board with a USB connector for programming with your PC.


Thank you for your reply.

The PC will be connected with Arduino in whatever appropriate connection works with Arduino. (USB, Serial, ...) the bell is a "regular" bell, like the one you can see in schools (we can use a 12V bell or the regular 220V bell, it doesn't matter).

An ideal solution would be connecting the board to the PC (using any connection option), and connect the bell to the power outlet. and From the PC, I use my software to send an "ON" signal that will let the bell ring, or an "OFF" signal that stops the bell from ringing.

Something like this http://sigma-shop.com/product/82/rel-usb-uno-rel-box-ftdi-chip.html

(this actually does the job, but I prefer using Arduino products).

Thank you for your time and help. Kind regards, Kamel Balquis

Well, you could build exactly what


does, but it would probably cost you more than just buying the item

i.e you'd need an Arduino board, e.g. a Uno and a relay module and a box to put it in.

Add it all up and I think $23 for the fully built item is reasonable value

Thank you again,

The issue is that Arduino ha partner in my country where I can buy the board, whereas the other supplier doesn't have a partner so I have to order it Online, which needs time to arrive.

Kind regards, Kamel Balquis

If you are using mains voltages you will need to get professional electrical advice to ensure safety unless you are suitably qualified yourself. A 12v bell supplied by a mains to 12v transformer would be much safer.

An Arduino I/O pin can't source enough current for a relay coil so you will need to have the Arduino control a small transistor which in turn controls the current in the relay coil.

You don't say how far the Arduino is from the PC. USB cables are about 1.5m long and an extension cable is about 3m long. And they are thick and obtrusive if this is to be a permanent installation. However they have the advantage of providing power for the Arduino.

If you know how to do it you could build a circuit on a piece of PCB strip-board using just an Atmega 328 chip (same as in the Uno). But you can probably buy a small Arduino board for less than £10 so may not be worth the bother.

I think it would be easier to help you if you make a specific proposal for how you plan to implement your project.



The PC, Bell and Arduino will be in the same location (cm's apart from each other)

KBalquis: The PC, Bell and Arduino will be in the same location (cm's apart from each other)

I'm not sure why you have posted this on its own.

You have been given a good deal of information in earlier replies. It is now up to you to decide what you are going to do with it or ask another question if something isn't clear.