What cable? (and amplification?)


I am considering a project where I need at least 8 wires running somewhere between 10 and 20 meters long. I want to keep the arduino inside my house, to simplify project modification, new sketches and stuff.
How would I go about hooking this up? Ethernetcable? A bunch of single 22AWG cables? Will I need some sort of amplification for the signals? I am looking for a simple, cheap and stable solution - one that does not take up too much room in my project box. And also - a couple of meters of the cable will be visible in my living room, so any solution that looks nice enough for wives are highly appreciated :slight_smile:

I need 5v and gnd, and also 5-6 cables for different pins on the arduino.

Any thoughts?

No idea without knowing exactly what kinds of signals you are planning to send
down those long cable runs. Long cables introduce noise (interference), provide
a lot of stray capacitance (slowing down fast signals), and crosstalk (mutual interference
between signals). You also have to worry about signal reflection.

So exactly what will be connected at the far end, how much current are you expecting
to draw along the cable?

I would use a pair of differential drivers / receivers at each end.
Arduino output to AM26LS31A will generate a differential output which you wire up with a twisted pair. At the other end the pair go into a AM26LS32A differential receiver to produce a logic signal at the other end.
You can get 4 signals transferred per chip.
This hardware protocol is known as RS422.

MarkT: At one end, an arduino (not sure which type yet) and some sensors - like temperature and stuff like that, and at the other end an LCD. Not sure if I'll be using a 1602 or larger yet, but I guess that doesn't matter. So that's four wires (assuming I'm going for one with the I2C backpack) and maybe some buttons.

Grumpy_Mike: Thanks. I'll check that out. So if I need 8 wires, I need two of these systems, right? Do I also need an arduino in each end, or will one do the trick? And when you say twisted pair cable, exactly what cable are we talking about? Sorry if I'm nagging, but I only just started with electronics, so I'm asking to learn :slight_smile:

So if I need 8 wires, I need two of these systems, right? Do

You don’t need an arduino at any end it will send a logic signal, what you do with that signal is up to you.
Any twisted pair will do, cat5 or 6 will be fine, but so will twisted light flex.

Nice. Sound like this is what I'm after :slight_smile: Thanks!

So, are these the ones I'm after? And then these at the other end?

And then I just hook up the wires to the corresponding pins on each end, and I'll be good to go?

Yes but they seem very expensive, I am sure you can get them much cheaper. Ebay is not always cheap for chips.

Thanks for the heads up. As I live in Norway, EVERYTHING seems cheap on eBay, hehe. The problem ordering from other sited are often that they do not ship to Norway, and if they do, they seem to only use ridiculously pricy DHL-shipping, or stuff like that. When I shop on eBay I always manage to find free shipping, even though the products tend to take a week or two to arrive. I don't fancy like $35 in shipping for something costing less than $5, as I have encountered several times ordering various stuff from abroad :frowning:

What about these:-

Farnell do ship to Norway.
Sent you a PM.

Cat 6 kjører 250MHz 100m. Tror jeg brukt scopet til en test her… (uten forsterkere i endene)