What cable is needed for DHT22 ?

Hi guys! I've read that the DHT22 allows using of a longer cable but I didn't find any information about the cable itself. What the cable has to be? (can you give me link) I will use 2-3m cable because I want to place the sensor on a specific place.

I have another question - can I use the BMP085 sensor with a cable? If yes - what cable do I need?

It would help if you supply a link when asking about specific components especially ones that are not main stream. It looks like this is a single wire that runs at 20 KHz. So it should be usable on a fair length of cable. You need to ensure the capacitance of the cable is as low as possible so maybe using flat cable would be better than twisted cable. However you wil only find the limits of distance by experimentation as there's not enough information to work it out. For example exactly what is the capacitance of the cable you will use?

Here are the sensors: DHT22 and BMP085

I don't want to use flat cables because the cable will pass through a hole. Since I am a beginner I am not very familiar with the cables. I've read many tutorials and watched many videos about how to connect the sensors but they are all using breadboards. I want to use a long cable, not some 5sm wires. Can you tell me exactly what the cables for the two sensors have to be, because I don't really know what am I looking for at the moment :~?