what camera to use for an arduino uno

i have studied the ov7670 camera module. it requires an external oscillator to work. does it have to be a
crystal oscillator? can it be something else? will the ov7670 work without a crystal oscillator?

This page at ArduCam says that the oscillator is required and it won't work without it.

There are a lot of camera options on that site. Pick a different one. Since you said you have an UNO, pick one that's on a shield which suits the UNO.

does it have to be a crystal oscillator?

No. It would probably work just fine with a resonator.

what if i use a second arduino uno to send pulses to camera? would that work?

Probably not. Buy the Arducam shield for it.

if i buy an arducam shield, will the camera work without an external oscillator?

If you buy the shield that has the oscillator. I did not look closely enough at the shield specs. The Arducam website says it works.

do some arducam shields have an oscillator?

Why don’t you ask them?

i have done research on the internet. i can't find a straight answer. Does anybody know if the arducam shield v2 can work without an external oscillator?