What can I get to replace the discontinued Arduino Wireless Proto Shield?

Is there a recent equivalent of the discontinued Arduino Wireless Proto Shield?


I was hoping to do this as my first project:

Thanks in advance.

A NodeMCU will do it all and, if you have already bought the Uno, you can keep it for other things. Alternatively, add a $3 ESP8266 module to the Uno you already have, using a blank proto shield. You will find plenty of ESP8266 support here. The ESP32 dev board is another option that is worth a look.

But adding an ESP8266 to an Arduino for WiFi is painful.

The NodeMCU or simpler WeMOS D1 Mini (for which you can get stacking protoshields) is far easier to operate.

Please note that the SparkFun Soil Moisture Sensor is basically a toy and will not last long in use. If you have a serious application, you need to use one of the "capacitive" sensors.